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If you’ve been thinking about hiring a professional cleaning service but worry about the cost and disruption to your family life, read on to discover the benefits you’ll enjoy from Angelic Cleaning Services’ professional house cleaning service in Boca Raton. Besides the beautiful feel of a clean smelling spotless home, here are some of the other reasons why you should not think twice about hiring our team to clean your home:
• You’ll have more time to spend with your kids
• If you work full-time, it’s one less added stress to your week
• Germs are kept at bay especially if you have little ones
• You’ll feel less tired and have more energy to do the things you love
• We bring our cleaning supplies, or we can use yours
• A clean home is a happy home!
Angelic Cleaning Services is the perfect house cleaning service for you because they genuinely care about making your home shine. Unlike other cleaning services that are cold and try to get the job done in record time without paying attention to the details, Angelic makes sure that your home sparkles from top to bottom and is always interested in your feedback about how we can improve. At Angelic Cleaning Services, the customer is still our first propriety. Since 1984 we have been providing superior and customized cleaning services to clients from Broward County to Palm Beach County. Our team brings their A-game every time. Your cleaning team will work until you are delighted with the job and always with a smile on their face. We guarantee it!
Our services for your home include:
• Dusting and wiping down shelves and surfaces
• Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen
• Cleaning the bathroom
• Putting away dishes
• Vacuuming carpets and stairs
• Mopping and polishing floors
• Dusting paintings and pictures
• Changing sheets
• Doing laundry
• And much more!
We have a glowing reputation in the Boca Raton community and throughout South Florida, with reviews and references prove it. If you’re looking for professional house cleaners in Boca Raton, look no further than the experienced and dedicated team at Angelic Cleaning Services. Some of our other services include move-in and move-out services, commercial space cleanings, garage cleanings, and house and closet organizing. With nearly three decades of combined expertise in the home and office cleaning business in Boca Raton and all of South Florida, our company is growing every day because of recommendations from our wonderful customers. You’ll arrive home with a smile on your face because you can’t believe how clean and fresh-smelling your home is!
What’s more, we want to earn your respect, so we’re always on time, and we’re respectful of your family, home, and possessions. Why not give us a call today and set up an occasional cleaning, monthly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or weekly cleanings. The choice is yours! And we’ll even customize a plan that is perfect for you! Call us today at 561-394-5511 and see how Angelic can add some sparkle and shine to your day!

The best feeling in the world is coming home to a clean house after a long day of work. Everything is all tidy and orderly, the house smells clean, and all the floors are freshly mopped. Having a clean living space is by far one of the most underrated feelings. If there’s one thing everyone can appreciate, it’s coming home and crawling into a bed with fresh sheets. This is just one of the many benefits of hiring residential house cleaning can give you. They say that having a clean and organized home environment can lead you to as a whole feel more calm and ready to tackle your goals. Having a clean living environment is not just nice to have; it’s a necessary service to live on your terms. At Angelic Cleaning Services we offer residential cleaning services for all of your clean house needs. Still not convinced that a clean house is essential? Keep on reading to learn three benefits of having a clean home.


Why Should You Care About Having a Clean Home?

It’s safe to say that many of us can maintain a tidy enough home. However, a clean home and a tidy home are two entirely different things. A tidy home is more about things being organized, such as clothes and objects put away in the proper location, the bed is made, and dishes being washed and put away. This is all great, but it isn’t quite a clean home. A clean home is when the countertops, mirrors, and floors are all wiped down and cleaned thoroughly. The appliances are wiped down and the bedroom sets are dusted. This kind of deep clean makes all the difference when it comes to setting your mood and motivations every morning. This brings us to our list of 3 reasons you should maintain a clean home.


 Less Stress

 Sure, not everyday are you going to wake up and feel completely stressed because of a piece of dust on your nightstand. You might, although, get stressed when you realize that your to-go coffee cup is dirty still and that your hands are sticky from making breakfast on the kitchen counter. Add running late to work into this mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. Having everything in your house properly cleaned will soothe you when you’re getting ready and the morning and will not create any unnecessary obstacles between you and your great day at work. Some people like to say that the way your house looks is a representation of your life, and whether or not this is true, we still think it’s smart to put your best foot forward with a clean home.


Helps Prevent Infestations

 You may be thinking that pest infections can only happen to those who never clean anything and live in a pigsty. While yes, these are the most common causes of pest infestations. Pests can still come into a house that is tidy but not cleaned. These creatures do not discriminate against any house where they feel they can find food, shelter, and water, your house included. There is no worse nuisance than having tons of ants crawling around the dog food bowl and all over the countertops. This can be especially bad if you have a pattern or marble countertops where the ants are hard to spot. This combination only leads to a gross case scenario. Keeping a clean home free of messes is the only way to combat pests and make them uninterested in your home. Some cases of infestations may be easily treatable; however, some cases require full evacuation for you, your loved ones, and your pets. Don’t let it get to that point and consider hiring a residential cleaning service.


  1. Your Home Will be Safe for Children and Guests


We know that many of you may not yet have children, may not ever want children, or even see your pets as children. Regardless, a clean home is crucial for having friends with children over and for having friends without children over. The worst thing ever is having a guest stop by unexpectedly or last minute and sees your home in complete chaos. It’s super embarrassing for the homeowner and can be very uncomfortable for your guests. Make your home the perfect hang out spot for pets, children, and guests by keeping it clean regularly. If you don’t care to keep it spick and span for yourself, do it for your guests.


If you are now convinced that having a clean home is crucial to your well being and social life, give Angelic Cleaning Services a call. We provide excellent and quality cleaning services to residential homes at a great price. Reach out to us today at (561) 394- 5511 to get a free quote.

We all love a clean house, especially one that we didn’t have to clean for it to get that way. There’s only one way to get the results without lifting so much as a finger, and that’s through residential cleaning services. But not every residential cleaning service will get you the results you want, many people find they have to go through a period of trial and error with many individuals and companies. This is certainly not the case at Angelic Cleaning Services. At Angelic Cleaning Services you can expect your home to exceed your cleanliness expectations after our experts are done with it. We also provide free quotes to those who are curious about the service but want to get a number first. We know that when it comes to your home you want to get the best bang for your buck. One of the biggest issues with other cleaning services is the lack of consistency when they come in to clean they have different people with them every time. This makes it difficult because one group may have done a better job than others. With us, we will send over the same team every time so you can see consistent results with every clean. Still not sold on residential cleaning? No worries, we have 3 key reasons why everyone should hire a residential cleaning service.


Why Should I Hire a Residential Cleaning Service?


  1. Saves You Time and Money


Do you know the phrase time is money? Well, time is most certainly money and for those who are swamped with work most certainly cannot take an entire day to do a deep cleanse of their home. This is when we come out and make your life a little bit easier. Having someone else take care of your home allows you to get the most out of your day. Whether you are working all day and want to do some overtime, or maybe you have kids and want to spend time with them, having a cleaning service enables you to do the things you want.


  1. Expertise


It’s probably fair to assume that most people are not cleaning experts. Sure, it’s easy to do the dishes and put away laundry. But when it comes to getting rid of dust and mopping the floors, that takes a little bit more skill if you want your house to be spotless. With a residential cleaning service you don’t have to worry about if you got every crumb and sticky spot on the counter, that’s what we are here for. You also will benefit in the long run but having to do minor touch-ups less often. We make sure we do a deep cleanse so you don’t have to worry about dust for weeks. Too often than not do some of us “clean” only to have to come back a week later and clean the same area again. With expertise in the area, you can be sure that our team will do things the right way the first time, and if you liked our service you can use the same team who did your house again and again in the future.


  1. You Will Enjoy Your Home, Even More

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that there is no possible way you could love your home even more. Although, nothing makes you appreciate what you have even more quite like a freshly cleaned home. After Angelic Cleaning Services is done with your home you will be in awe of how clean and cozy it looks. Relaxing in the comfort of your home feels one hundred times better when everything is cleaned, and especially when you did not have to clean it. It can get stressful sitting on the couch and noticing that when the fan turns on that dust is suddenly flying everywhere. Don’t let your home stress you out, call Angelic Cleaning Services today.


For your entire home cleaning needs reach out to Angelic Cleaning Service for a free quote. Whether you need your home cleaned once or once a week, we have got you covered. Contact us at (561) 394-5511 to find out when we can visit you.

Studies show that clean spaces offer more happiness. Did you know that this also applies to your office? If you think about, when you go home after a long day, there is something peaceful about knowing that you’re going to crawl into a clean bed, sit down at a clean table, and enjoy a clean bathroom. The same is true for the places that you work, and those that you work with. At Angelic Cleaning Services, we’re dedicated to giving our clients clean homes and clean offices. From one side of your life to the other, we have you covered! In this article, we’ll highlight the happy benefits of using a clean service for the office and how it can even improve employee moral!  

Improve the Health of Employees with an Office Cleaning in Boca Raton  

Running a business has its own sets of challenges, but none are more challenging than making sure that all of your employees remain happy and healthy. As flu season comes around, it’s time to start being extra clean with your desks, walls, and other surfaces. Germs can stick everywhere, and it takes an excellent cleaning service to leave everything sparkling clean. With Angelic Cleaning Services, we clean bathrooms, countertops, desks, floors, and more. The cleaner your office space, the less sick employees you’ll have! A healthy employee is a happy employee!  

Improve Productivity  

Disorganized spaces can leave people stressed and slow. Perhaps they can’t find their paperwork, or maybe they can’t focus. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that desks be spick and span in order to allow for a smoother working experience. Not only does this increase productivity, but it creates less stressed environments. When it comes to your office and the work you do, the last thing you want is extra hassles.  

Increase Employee Smile-Rates 

If your employees have a frown on their face, perhaps it has something to do with the cleanliness of the space. Some companies implement a conversation policy, which allows workers to make suggestions on how to better their environment. With a cleaning service, employees will come in happier every morning, and leave more relaxed in the evenings. Their satisfaction rates are important, as they’ll be the ones to leave your company reviews before new people decide to apply.  

If you’re looking for a service specializing in an office cleaning in Boca Raton, reach out to the experts at Angelic Cleaning Services at 561-394-5511 and see how we can help you perform your best. Some of our other services include move-in and move-out services, commercial space cleanings, residential cleanings, and organizing services. We’ll leave your property sparkling clean, giving you a new reason to smile when you arrive to work each day. Now is the time to increase your employee’s happiness and optimize for your own. Call us today and set up a one-time, occasional cleaning, monthly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or weekly cleanings! 

Moving can be a stressful endeavor. You’ve packed all of your most precious belongings into cardboard boxes and you’ve moved them out of your house. Now, all that’s left is a shell of a home waiting for its next tenants. This can be a very emotional process, and it’s no wonder most homeowners don’t feel like cleaning at the end of it all. Fortunately, the compassionate team at Angelic Cleaning Services offers move out cleaning in Pompano Beach. In this article, we’ll let you know what’s entailed. We’re here to help you when you need some assistance the most.  

The Checklist for Move Out Cleaning in Pompano Beach  

There’s a large check-list when it comes to move out cleaning, and at Angelic Cleaning Services, we’ll ensure we take care of it all. When the rooms are empty, they’ll need to be cleaned thoroughly, just as you probably cleaned them when you moved in. We cover everything from the ceilings to the baseboards. Some of the services we provide are vacuuming, shower scrubs, toilet scrubs, sink cleaning, clean kitchen appliances, and dust removal. If you’re leaving furniture behind and you want us to clean that too, we’re sure we can help!  

In each room, we’ll start by sweeping or cleaning the tile floors or carpets. We’ll work our way from the main rooms into the bathrooms. Whether it’s the kitchen, office, pool, outdoor space, or the basement, our team can assist. Homes aren’t the only locations we offer move out cleaning for. In fact, we offer this for both commercial and residential properties. Sometimes, those who are renting a new office space or apartment will want their space cleaned prior to setting up their new life. It’s understandable, especially if you aren’t sure who was in the property before you.   

At Angelic Cleaning Services, we specialize in complete standardize cleaning techniques that are designed to cater to individual needs. We know that everyone is different, which is why we strive to give what is desired. If you own both a new home and a new commercial, retail, or office space, you can hire us for all of your locations! Then, you’ll know that you’re receiving the same level of quality all the way around.  

With over 29 years of professionalism and expertise, it’s no wonder we keep our customers returning year after year. We’re always on time, and we’re always respectful of your situation. Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! While it may be emotional, you can rest at ease knowing that you have a cleaning team you can trust. Focus on the other areas of your life, such as setting up your new space, while we tend to the old. Call us today at 561-394-5511 for any questions! You’ll be blown away by the quality of our move out cleaning in Pompano Beach. 

Trying to find the best cleaning services in Pompano Beach isn’t the easiest quest. How can you be sure that the company will do an efficient job? How can you be sure that it’s a trustworthy company? There are many questions to ask prior to hiring a cleaning company, but now you can rest at ease with Angelic Cleaning Services in your area! Our team is not a franchise, which makes a small and reliable group. We offer a plethora of services. Keep reading to learn more!  

What Types of Services Does the Best Cleaning Services in Pompano Beach Offer?  

House Cleaning  

Homes are one of our biggest areas we focus on. Everyone wants to come home to a beautiful house at the end of the day. Yet, people live busy lives. When does a person find the time to clean? At Angelic Cleaning Services, our house cleaning program will leave your home spotless. Whether it’s a one-time call or you’re looking for a re-occurring assignment, we have what you need. In fact, we enjoy repeat clients simply because we’re able to become more accustomed to a person’s wants, expectations, needs, and desires.  

Move-in and Move-out  

Moving in and out of a property usually entails a very thorough cleaning. Our professional staff will ensure that every inch of the home is cleaned to perfection. If you’re selling your home, rest at ease knowing that the new homeowners will find it spick and span. If you’re moving in, you can rest at ease that an germs left over will be gone by the time we’re done! Whatever you need, we have the tools and skills to deliver!  

Construction Cleaning  

We offer post-construction cleaning to both residential and commercial clients. This specifically comes in handy for those who have just remodeled a house. The worst is the clean up after the dust and debris fly around everywhere. To really get beneath the surfaces, you’ll want a professional cleaning team.  

Office Cleaning  

Offices need commercial cleaning for numerous reasons. First, it’s healthier for the employees to work at a company where their health is taken seriously. It also makes a company look more put-together and more reputable. A clean space will help employees to work harder and enjoy their time at your office more! Office cleaning is a must for anyone who is trying to look as professional as possible.  

Organizing Services  

If you’re someone who is moving out or moving in, allow us to help you with your packing and unpacking. We will bring you compassionate and helpful care during a time that can be quite stressful. With our help, you’ll have your items in and out of a box in no time!  

Carpet Cleanings  

Perhaps you don’t need a full cleaning but shampooing the carpets every once in a while is a nice thing to do. Cleaning your carpets can help improve the air you breathe, while removing the dusts and debris that are so commonly found in the fibers. You’d be surprised at how much many organisms make a home out of rugs! With a professional cleaning, it’s like your carpets will be brand new!  

At Angelic Cleaning Services, our services are top-notch. We can’t wait to show you what we can do! In business for 29 years, we have plenty of experience in the field. Our return customers have stuck with us for decades because of our commitment to excellence and our proven techniques. Whether you need a cleaning once a month, every other week, weekly, or every once in a while, we’re here to assist. Using all green products, there’s no reason to say no! Call us at 561-394-5511 and see how we can help you live a healthier, happier, and more productive life!  

Cleaning services aren’t just for your house. In fact, cleaning services work with more areas than you might think. We often forget that businesses need cleaning too! If you consider the airport, your favorite restaurant, or even your office building, you might forget to notice how clean it usually is. That’s because cleaning crews come either during the day or in the middle of the night to ensure that the space is spotless. At Angelic Cleaning Services, we provide office cleaning in Pompano Beach. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits!  

Keep Your Office Safe with Office Cleaning in Pompano Beach  

It’s common knowledge that every company should keep their work environments clean. The only way to ensure that the office is clean all the time is to hire a professional cleaning company. They’ll take care of the basics including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and organizing.  

Optimize for Focus  

Some offices assign tasks to employees in order to keep a workplace clean. However, this isn’t the most efficient use of their time. Instead, employees can work on what will make the company efficiently grow, while a cleaning company does what they do best. Cleaning can take hours, especially if it’s done right. Make more money and live a little cleaner with a professional maid service!  

Keep a Quality Reputation  

Professionalism is at the forefront of any good business. Nothing says excellent first impression like a spotless office that smells nice! Cleanliness is an essential part of keeping your company’s name reputable. Don’t let your competition pull ahead simply because they have better cleanly reviews from clients and partners!  

Improve Work Results  

 Studies show that those who work in a clean environment actually get more stuff done. Have you seen people clean their desks either before they get to work or during? It’s because too much clutter can also clutter the mind. A clean, wide-open, desk space allows room to breathe, work, organize, and move forward. You’ll be surprised at how much more a clean space can contribute to your overall profit each year!   

Impress New Partners  

If you’re in a business where you rely on business partnerships to move your company forward, you’ll want to ensure that the space is presentable when they stop by. Having a filthy facility reflects poorly on the company itself. To ensure that your partnerships withstand the tests of time, having a clean facility can’t do any harm! If anything, it can increase the likelihood of closing deals and solidifying work alliances.   

At Angelic Cleaning Services, our professional office cleaning in Pompano Beach is highly rated. We’re not a franchise, meaning that we can put plenty of time and work into our craft. We offer house-cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, as well as office cleanings. Your office will never look better once we’re done with it! We transform businesses from okay to great! Call our team at 561-394-5511 today!  

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