Finding the Right Product to Clean Your Marble Flooring

Finding the Right Product to Clean Your Marble Flooring

There’s nothing more luxurious than marble flooring, among other flooring options. Its elegant appearance and fine finish are well worth the price we pay. However, this gorgeous flooring is rather high-maintenance and can lose its charm if not properly cared for. 

Marble flooring cleaning is not as challenging as it is made up to be. A few tips and tricks might help you preserve the longevity and beauty of your marble floor. 

Continue reading to learn how to pick the best cleaning products for your marble floors. 

What are the Basics of Marble Floor Cleaning? 

Before moving on to the cleaning products, let’s first discuss how to plan your cleaning process.  

Marble is a classic and attractive floor material. Maintaining this natural stone necessitates some special care as it’s porous, soft, and prone to scratches and stains if not properly cleaned.  

It’s preferable to go with minimal technology to remove ordinary dust and dirt. Make use of a natural-fiber dust mop. It should be scorched each time you use it. Avoid using the vacuum. Its wheels can drag particles across the surface and damage the marble’s surface. 

Marble is a porous stone that can instantly stain with pigmented liquids such as coffee, juices, or sauces; wipe spills immediately to avoid permanent stains. 

The chemical structure of marble stone can react with acidic cleaning products, which can be abrasive and damage the marble floor by etching.  

How to Use the Right Cleaning Product? 

Now that we know how to clean a marble floor, let’s look at how you should choose the products for each cleaning step: 

1. Dusting and Dry Mopping 

For regular dusting and mopping, use a natural fiber duster or lint-proof mop. To avoid scratches, make sure the duster or mop is completely dry for a lasting shine.  

Abrasive cleaners can leave scratches on your marble floor, ruining its appearance.  

2. Liquid surface cleaners  

Liquid surface cleaners for everyday cleaning should be free of chemicals, acids, and ammonia. Hydrogen peroxide or acidic bleaches can cause etching on the marble stone, leaving some permanent marks while dulling the exquisite shine of your marble floor.   

Acidic cleaners etch marble with a low pH, such as hydrogen peroxide (pH 4), vinegar (pH 3), or citrus liquids (pH 2-4). 

Up to an extent, alkaline marble cleaners are OK. Any cleaner with a pH higher than 10 will etch marble, which is why ammonia (pH 11) and bleach (pH 12) are not suitable for cleaning marble. 

There are etch-resistant marble floor cleaners on the market. For the lasting luster and elegance of your marble floor, it is recommended that you only use them for routine cleaning. 

3. Marble Polisher 

Marble floors lose their luster over time and may require a polishing touch-up. Some people frequently use DIY recipes to get the job done. However, if the relevant products are not used, this might occasionally have the opposite effect. 

While marble is vulnerable to strong chemicals, it is best to avoid etching by using a store-bought polisher or consulting professionals for better results.  

Valuable Tips for Routine Marble Floor Cleaning 

By following a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your marble flooring: 

  • Make use of a high-quality sealer and reapply it daily post-cleaning. 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners. 
  • Spills that could discolor the marble should be cleaned up right away. 
  • Clean the marble floors regularly with a dry, unprocessed dust mop. 
  • If you choose a sharp finish over diamond polish, clear the dust and debris with a light scrub or brush. 
  • If your marble flooring is in a busy area, buff the flooring regularly.  

Clean Marble Floor Last Longer 

Stains, dust, and grease can end up causing marble flooring to lose its brilliance and beauty. Using a pH-neutral solution to keep them clean helps maintain a long-lasting gloss and bright colors. 

Marble is a unique natural stone that deteriorates with time. Those textures, hues, and tarnish add character to your house.  

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