What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

If maintaining a clean office space isn’t one of your priorities, it should be. A clean office creates a more welcoming environment for your customers and employees. Instead of hiring a janitor that you will have to put on your payroll, the more practical solution is to hire a company for office cleaning in Boynton Beach. This way, you get more affordable services since you pay a flat fee on a contractual basis. Although it’s affordable, if you hire a reputable cleaning company, there’s no sacrifice to quality.

Angelic Maid Cleaning Services has been in business since 1984, and over the years we have become one of the most prominent cleaning services in South Florida. Suffice it to say, we know a thing or two about the characteristics to look for in a reliable cleaning company.

Multiple Services

It’s recommended to look for a local company that offers multiple services to ensure they can provide exactly what your business needs. So, if you haven’t done so already, the first thing you should do is determine what services your office requires to remain clean and hygienic. Most people look for companies that can provide:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • HVAC vent cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Window cleaning
  • Strip and wax services

This is not a comprehensive list, just a general idea of what to look for. In addition to offering multiple services, it’s also recommended to look for a company that has experience working in various commercial settings. For example, Angelic Maid Cleaning Services has cleaned corporate offices, retail stores, shopping centers, banks, and motels. Our cleaning services in Boynton Beach are unparalleled, and that’s what you should look for in a cleaning company for your business.

Good References

If you work in a large building, the surrounding offices must know a good company that can clean business facilities, so ask around. Some cleaning companies leave their flyers and business cards in office buildings, so if you happen to come across one, just make sure to ask the company for references when you reach out. If they can’t provide you with at least three, you may want to look elsewhere.  

Good references better ensure that you hire a team you can trust, making it one of the most important characteristics to look for. Considering that the companies’ employees will likely clean during your office after hours when everyone has gone home, reputation matters. Furthermore, you will not be there to supervise them, so it helps to hire a well-established company with qualified, trustworthy employees who get the job done.

Reliable Employees

A company is only as strong as its employees. It’s recommended that you interview different companies and ask about their hiring process. Do they screen employees with background checks before hiring them? 

Once on board, do the employees receive continuous training in ethics, etiquette, safety and quality? 

Make sure the answer is well-detailed. If they simply answer with a “yes” and no further elaboration, then it’s evident that their hiring protocols aren’t as rigorous as they should be. If you’re in need of office cleaning in Boynton Beach, you can’t find a more reliable team than ours at Angelic Maid.


It demands reiteration that experience makes a significant difference. For example, if you’re looking for a company to do office cleaning in Boynton Beach for the hotel you manage, it’s recommended that you hire a company with specific experience cleaning hotels. There is a learning curve involved when you hire a company to clean a hotel with multiple rooms and guests but they have only cleaned small commercial spaces. You may end up saving money by hiring a company with less experience, but you may sacrifice quality which can hurt your business. Not to mention, you’ll be surprised how much easier your job will be when you hire a cleaning company that has turn-key solutions.

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